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Michael Jones “Fucks” the American Anthem 

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Rooster Teeth Meme - Favorite female
Lindsay Jones (Tuggey)
          ↳”AH is supposed to be guys only!’ Shit, I missed the memo.”

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Just show us the piece of shit! (x)

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To the people who see that Rooster Teeth is making a RWBY video game and wonder where the Red vs Blue game is:

Halo, the game you’re talking about is Halo

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everyone needs a bit of jack pattillo in their life

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Anonymous asked: what are some roosterteeth blogs? like where they post a lot of rt content.



Uh, there are plenty! I only follow a few, since I’m a roleplay blog, but I’ll list the ones that I follow.

hope this helped, anonymous! you’ll get a ton more rt content on your dash now B)

"Says the girl wearing a dress."

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